Manifest Destiny

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We out here don’t know how it happened. Some say it was magic. Some say technology. Some say aliens or monsters or just the world gone crazy. I blame God. Man forgot Him, and He doesn’t like that. So, he reminded us. When he chooses to pour out his wrath, there’s no magic or science or being in the great wide multiverse that can stop it back up. God chose to pour out his wrath upon the East. They were decadent and wicked and thought themselves masters over the Earth. Wars and rumors of wars, false prophets, Leviathan and plagues, all were set loose upon them, and the mighty were made low by them. They were cast from their high places and the walls of their houses were brought crashing by the wrothful voice of the Lord. They had only to kneel and ask for His divine mercy, but they were proud and feared not the Lord. They thought to make war upon Him. They turned their weapons to his face and rained fire and shook the earth, but they were smote with a single blow. Their peoples were sold into bondage and their cities and houses reduced. With my own eyes I saw the fire and the desolation that followed. There lay a shadow across my vision, and before me I saw only death, sorrow, and Hell opened up to swallow the tribes of Man. I turned my face from it, for it was terrible to see, and lo! I saw from the West a star brightly shining, and I heard the Voice of the Lord, and he said unto me, “I have set aside those who might be saved from my wrath. Go thou and follow my star, lead them to the land I have promised them.” And so began my Exodus…

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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